IT support for individuals and small businesses

Computer setup and support
Small office / Home office computers setup and upgrades
Anti virus setup and support, security hardening
Cabling and networking, Wifi setup and upgrade
Monitoring solutions and IP Cameras setup
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Cloud IT and Cloud migration for Small and Medium companies

We can reduce your IT operating costs by up to 90% by helping you move to the cloud gradually
And we can reduce upfront investments on IT infrastructure to 0$
If you are looking to upgrade your current IT environment but at less cost then we can help you with on premises, hybrid or full cloud solutions, based on Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure or Google cloud
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IT operations audit and consultancy

If your current IT operations does not look efficient,
or want to expand the operations but do not know where to start from,
or you need better reporting and constant feedback on your IT environment,
if you want to budget for a new business expansion and want to set a realistic IT budget

We can support you with all the above and more!

We can support you end to end in planning, designing, buying and sourcing all the equipment then rolling out and operating any IT operation in the cloud using Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services or on premises and in the cloud in a hybrid environment.

In the planning phase, we assist in building a realistic budget for short, mid and long term goals, set OPEX and CAPEX estimates

In designing we help on selecting the solution provider, platforms, links and a secure WAN/LAN design

On the sourcing and buying phase, we help sourcing directly or setting RFI/RFPs, organise tenders and control procurement where required

On the rollout, we help in managing the project A to Z up to commercial launch

And we can definitely manage and operate your IT operations at lower costs.

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